United Eleven

UNITED ELEVEN CO., LTD is a private own company, one of a leading used cars import companies in Myanmar. UNITED ELEVEN CO., LTD was founded in 2011 in compliance with Myanmar Government’s Company Law and regulation. With its wealth of experience, knowledge, competence, capability and commitment to deliver service excellence, UNITED ELEVEN CO., LTD is well poised and ready to meet the wide-ranging and stringent needs of world-class companies around the globe. UNITED ELEVEN CO., LTD’s success is based on hard work and dedication to the pursuit of business excellence.

UNITED ELEVEN CO., LTD is a reliable procurement specialist of cars and trucks from Japan ,Korea, China and partners to our customers. We have an extensive sourcing network across the world and can value add by assisting in innovative solutions, correct product selections and technical advisory & support of products. We maintain stock for market popular cars for  Myanmar customer’s needs.

We are  one of Suzuki authorized dealers for Suzuki brand new cars in Myanmar market.

We are one of Dayun dealers in Myanmar.